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[LAST] Gore Screaming Show Patch 0.10


This is going to be the last update for this patch.

As some (most?) of you probably know, there is going to be an official translation of Gore Screaming Show by JAST, and it is going to be released this year, so… this project comes to and end.

It was such a fun project, although incredibly long – and this is why the next project will most likely be something shorter.

And this is all. Have fun while waiting for the official translation!


  1. This patch adds Kiika’s path.


  1. Prologue, title screen menu, settings, save menu and so on have been translated to a certain extent. Please download the images patch here.
  2. Hearts ( ♥ ) don’t display correctly, so they have been replaced with <3.
  3. This patch translates everything up until the end of Day 8 and Kiika’s path.


First of all, a big thank you to Infernoplex, who gave and taught me how to use the tools for creating. Without him, this patch wouldn’t exist.

Another big thank goes to Jack!, who provided me tools and documentation to make the image patch. Without him, you would have to deal with a 100% Japanese interface for menus, and some in-game dialogues.

Then, I want to give a big thank you to all the people who are behind the actual translation team. Without them, this project would be full of errors, feel very clunky, and would most likely have a lot of cut lines and dialogues delayed. These people are mr.deagle, KillerKroc and tobias;

  • mr.deagle is the person behind the first proofreading. He corrects the (too many) errors I make, and edit the text whenever needed for giving a better final result.
  • KillerKroc is the person behind the second proofreading and is helping me with patch testing. He proofreads while playing the game, so meanwhile he also tests them and tells me whenever dialogues are delayed or if there are lines repetition.
  • tobias is the person behind Kiika’s route’s translation (as of now), and is really speeding up the whole translation process.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people in my discord server, who I still bug maybe too much. And last, but not least, I would like to thank everybody who is following this project. This said, have fun ♥


Download Gore Screaming Show English Patch 0.10 (MEGA)
Download Gore Screaming Show English Patch 0.10 (Self Extractor) (MEGA)

Decryption key: D1EN30424UyS6pjul-zanfLw3AZBMp0QnCAucn2n–c
Decryption key (Self Extractor): cgqSV8hIVo-wmpoYw3tQHYEiONbHGLZBn7aBfrH_bH0


4 thoughts on “[LAST] Gore Screaming Show Patch 0.10

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  1. Thank you so much for your effort, i´ve been downloading all the parts, such an amazing project, hoping 4 what comes next


  2. Good job!
    Thanks to you , i’ve been able to discover what seems to be a great visual novel and i will surely wait for the official translation.
    So….Thank you.
    I wish you all the best for the future.


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