Gore Screaming Show Patch 0.06

WHAT'S NEW Patch 0.06 add day 06 to the translation.Day 06 it's already proofread! KNOWN PROBLEMS & PROGRESSION Prologue, title screen menu, settings, save menu and so on have been translated to a certain extent. Please download the images patch here.Hearts ( ♥ ) don’t display correctly, so I’ve removed them.This patch covers everything up... Continue Reading →

Gore Screaming Show Patch 0.05b

WHAT'S NEW Patch 0.05b corrects the delayed dialogues up until day 05.This patch also corrects the game crash you get half-way through day 05.Both day 04 and 05 are now in their proofread version!Patch 0.06 will be released during the 3rd week of May (it will be released in between the 10th and 16th of... Continue Reading →

Gore Screaming Show Patch 0.05a

WHAT'S NEW Patch 0.05a corrects the delayed dialogues on day 3 only.Day 5 and possibly day 04 as well still have have delayed dialogues in some parts.I tried out some other fonts available and I noticed that most of them are barely readable and have visual bugs. I once again encourage you to read the... Continue Reading →

Projects Updates & News

First of all, GSS is still going on. For many reasons I had no chances to continue the translation for the past two months -- but Chapter 4 is nearly done and will be out soon hopefully. Second, SINoALICE translation is, of course, suspended because of the release of the global version of it. If... Continue Reading →

Upcoming updates

I have just realized I haven't wrote anything since the end of October 2019, so here I am writing this post to reassure you: I am still working on all my projects, I simply slowed them down. Gore screaming show's chapter 3 is ready the patch will hopefully come out this weekend, next weekend at... Continue Reading →

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