Gore Screaming Show – English Patch 0.04 Release

As usual, I have re-translated the whole of day. This time, although, you won't find an improved chapter 3 - I preferred to release chapter 4 before adding the corrections to chapter 3. If you find any error (text out of the screen, word cutted, voice on lines that shouldn’t be voiced, grammar error, words... Continue Reading →

Projects Updates & News

First of all, GSS is still going on. For many reasons I had no chances to continue the translation for the past two months -- but Chapter 4 is nearly done and will be out soon hopefully. Second, SINoALICE translation is, of course, suspended because of the release of the global version of it. If... Continue Reading →

Upcoming updates

I have just realized I haven't wrote anything since the end of October 2019, so here I am writing this post to reassure you: I am still working on all my projects, I simply slowed them down. Gore screaming show's chapter 3 is ready the patch will hopefully come out this weekend, next weekend at... Continue Reading →

Book of Hatred – Chapter 01 [Gretel]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 Wandering within the Library’s forest,a lone spirit.With a girl’s features.Holding her beloved’s head, she mutters something as if lost in a dream. So, shall we greet our Author?Shall we build a candy house for that? Nightmares are reflected in her eyes.Titans made of stones and rocks.Yet to the girl... Continue Reading →

Book of Hatred – Chapter 03 [Cinderella]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 Parted with Pinocchio, Cinderella recalled her tale. She was a puppet with no will Following other’s instructions. That was probably how she was like a long time ago. The ashen one, the pitiful servant. And yet, She was rescued by the prince’s whim. And was because…… Cinderella Was beautiful.... Continue Reading →

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