Book of Hatred – Chapter 03 [Cinderella]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 Parted with Pinocchio, Cinderella recalled her tale. She was a puppet with no will Following other’s instructions. That was probably how she was like a long time ago. The ashen one, the pitiful servant. And yet, She was rescued by the prince’s whim. And was because…… Cinderella Was beautiful.... Continue Reading →


Book of Hatred – Chapter 02 [Cinderella + Pinocchio]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 Pinocchio thought He has met such a nasty person. Cinderella thought She has met such an interested person. So, what could be the affinity between The ashen one of depravity and the puppet of dependence? He, showing terror, and She, showing joy On their faces. “Awful.” “Wonderful.” Cinderella You... Continue Reading →

Book of Hatred – Chapter 01 [Cinderella]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 Cinderella was laughing. Laughing at her own curse. If I am truly the embodiment of depravity, Then I can only say that’s wonderful. I lived being looked down And scorned in my tale. So what could there be in my soul outside depravity? I might as well happily surrender... Continue Reading →

Gore Screaming Show – FAQ

This is pretty much the same Gore Screaming Show FAQ post I had on Mirror of Paranoia, edited because of the patch. Just use ctrl+f to check if what you want to ask is already below, or skim through it~ Q: Where can I find the password to extract the patch?A: Each password is different... Continue Reading →

Book of Hatred – Chapter 04 [Alice + Pinocchio]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 The library’s world is so small, yet so vast. According to Doubt’s and Certainty’s explanation, Time and space are distorted here. Lose your way and you’ll wander forever in this labyrinth…… And yet, they managed to meet Within such place. Pinocchio of dependence. Alice of restraint. The two met... Continue Reading →

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